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FLIR thermal scope technology is an advanced form of night vision technology. This lets you see in total darkness. With FLIR weapon sight technology you can shoot in the dark as well. FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared Radar) technology was developed years ago by the United States Armed Forces for use as a night vision technology. Now these highly advanced systems are available to law enforcement, commercial and civilian operators. The integration of thermal imaging into a rifle scope is a real break through for shooting professionals. Unlike the old green starlight night vision, thermal night vision does not require any light to operate and can see targets in total darkness. If you haven’t shot with a thermal rifle scope then you haven’t gone night hunting.

The FLIR T60 Thermal Scope

A FLIR Thermal Scope (T60 Clip On) mounted on an AR15 with the Trijicon ACOG 4×32 optical day scope.

The T60 thermal scope above is a very popular clip on infrared scope for military applications. The T60 is the highest resolution clip on available right now with 640×480 pixels. The scope is made by FLIR SYSTEMS INC and Trijicon both leaders in their fields. SPI Corp has video and detailed information on the FLIR Thermal Scope. Let us know what you think of the T60.


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