What is The M1-D FLIR Thermal Pan Tilt System? What is a Pan Tilt Thermal Camera anyway and how much does it cost?

The multi sensor flir thermal pan tilt system with laserThe M1-D is the latest in high performance Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) thermal pan tilt imaging platforms. The system is a breakthrough product that seeks to redefine the pan tilt thermal camera landscape by offering more for less (a lot less). A pan tilt thermal camera is a remote controlled device that lets you position a thermal camera (and other sensors) from inside a vehicle, vessel or building while the pan tilt thermal camera is mounted remotely. FLIR means Forward Looking InfraRed and is an acronym developed by the US Military. There is also a company called FLIR Systems Inc (they borrowed the name from the government) that is the world leader in thermal camera technology and manufactures the finest in thermal sensors available. The M1-D features core thermal camera technology from FLIR Systems Inc. that are then specially tuned for use in the M1-D FLIR THERMAL PAN TILT CAMERA platform. So how much does an M1-D FLIR Pan Tilt Thermal Camera cost? What is the price of the FLIR Thermal Pan Tilt  you might be wondering? Slow down. We will get there. First lets take a look at exactly what the M1-D is. Just give me a couple minutes to tell you what it is, how it installs and what it does. Then I promise we will get to the thermal pan tilt pricing and yes it will be worth the wait.

A sample thermal image from the thermal pan tilt flir camera

Black hot FLIR Pan Tilt thermal camera image of a human

The M1-D features the top of the line in FLIR thermal imaging sensors (from FLIR Systems Inc, the leader in thermal imaging sensors) with resolutions up to 640×480 pixels for crystal clear thermal video (in color and black and white) with up to 8x thermal zoom. The system also houses an optically aligned CCD imaging sensor, for daytime full color video performance, and an integrated bore-sighted laser designator. These features alone make the M1-D a stand out among all other flir thermal pan tilt devices but there is more. The M1-D is also the smallest and lightest full featured FLIR PTZ on the market today. Weighing in at a mere ~2 pounds and having a diameter of only 5″, the M1-D is a lean imaging platform that can be mounted on virtually any vehicle or vessel you may have.I know it sounds like the perfect system but you still haven’t heard the best part. The thermal pan tilt price is phenomenal.  How good?  Keep reading we will get to it and you wont believe it. First though lets talk about installing the M1-D.

The base of the M1-D pan tilt thermal camera features magnetic mounts

Magnetic base mount on the M1-D pan tilt for easy install.

Mounting the M1-D could not be simpler. The system utilizes ultra strong rare earth magnets in its base so it can easily be magnetically mounted to any metal structure. These magnets really hold tight and enable the M1-D to be “hot swapped” between vehicles very rapidly and enhances your pan tilt thermal camera capabilities. Hard mount options are available to mount the system permanently or for mounting to non-metallic structures. There is also a stabilization platform for taking out the jitter of vehicle vibration. This damper also serves as a mounting platform for the M21-D FLIR thermal PTZ.  So the M1-D is full featured and easy to install right out of the box with everything included. Okay, but now you really wont believe the price. I am serious you will not believe that all this is included for so little. Hang on we will get to the numbers but first don’t you want to know how you will control the flir thermal pan tilt and view the video?

The M1-KBM Micro PTZ controller with built in LCD for the M1-D pan tilt thermal camera

The M1-KBM micro controller with built in LCD screen.

Power, control and video are all transmitted over a single small cable inside the vehicle where multiple control options are available. The flir thermal pan tilt system is controlled by the Pelco-D protocol over common serial line communications giving the user a wide range of commercial off the shelf control systems to choose from. The most popular are the SPI CORP M1-D-KB9 control and monitor combination. This sleek control keyboard features a multi axis joystick controller and a built in large 8″  LCD display. The all in one design of the KB9 makes it very attractive for vehicle and vessel use where space is at a premium. For the most compact of thermal pan tilt installations another popular choice is the SPI CORP M1-D-KBM micro keyboard controller. The controller is small enough to fit in any vehicle but still features an integrated LCD display. As a bonus the KBM also has a rechargeable battery inside so that you can operate the thermal pan tilt system remotely from vehicle power. Awesome, right? I know its everything you ever dreamed of in a thermal pan tilt (not that you spent a lot of time dreaming about thermal PTZ but if you did this would be it). Okay I know this is getting old and a little too much like an infomercial.  Yes we are getting to the price but with your permission can we first go over just a couple options available for the M1-D so you can really get the full effect?  Thanks,

Optional items can further extend the capabilities of the M1-D Pan Tilt Thermal Camera platform. In addition to multiple resolution thermal sensors there are also several lens choices to match your application. Image processing modules are also available to extend the performance of the M1D. The most popular is the SPI CORP M1-STAB stabilization module which turns the M1D into a potent stabilized thermal pan tilt system. Another popular option is the network interface that can put the M1-D onto your IP network for world wide thermal pan tilt coverage. Alright no more nonsense. Lets just go over the availability of the systems and then I promise the price.  Okay?

The M1D in white for Marine Pan Tilt Thermal Camera applications

The Marine version of the M1D in white.

The M1-D is available in standard off the shelf colors of Black (for surveillance, law enforcement and military markets) and in white for the marine vessel industry. Custom colors and OEM configurations are available with your scheme and logos. Standard Color M1-D Thermal Pan Tilt systems are generally on the shelf in stock for immediate delivery.

I really appreciate everyone hanging in to the end with me. Now as promised the best part, FLIR thermal pan tilt PRICE. That’s right we are getting to the pan tilt thermal camera pricing. If you have purchased thermal PTZ systems in the past or have been shopping around you know that they can range from $10,000 (for low end no feature systems) to $100,000 plus for overblown military systems. Systems with the features and performance of the M1-D have sold for $20,000  to $40,000 all day long. Well forget that. Forget everything you thought you knew about how much a thermal pan tilt system costs. With the new M1-D you get all the features, the light weight, the small size, the magnet mounts, class leading performance and available options not for $20,000 not for $15,000 or even for $10,000. The M1D thermal pan tilt with thermal, visual and laser designator ready to install starts at only $3900. That’s it. Pretty cool huh?  I told you it was hard to believe. Now stop wasting your time on the internet and get an M1-D FLIR thermal pan tilt and go out and PLAY!

 Thermal rifle scope in thermal camera

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