1-5 micron wavelength near-mid infrared spectral band insb camera Thermal infrared system.

mid wavelength thermal camera

The 1-5 micron mid wavelength spectral band thermal infrared camera system

The IS15™ MWIR insb camera is a high performance FLIR thermal infrared device sensitive in the 1 micron to 5 micron spectral range. The system is based on the Ultra Sensitive Indium Antimonide (InSb) 320 X 240 elemental focal plane array ( F.P.A. ).  The camera system is made up of an integrated cryogenic detector / dewar / cooler assembly, detector interface electronics package, and signal processing electronics.   A standardized bayonet lens mount accepts off-the-shelf twist lock type optics available in various focal lengths from multiple sources.   The Outstanding features of this camera are in its wide dynamic range capability, auto gain/level controls and integral digital signal processing electronics.  This same insb camera system is available in an environmental enclosure Also Known As the Model 300 series thermal imagers.

Tripod mounted MWIR insb cameraBack panel of the MWIR thermal camera with serial interface

The IS15™ electronics provide many desirable features which include: IR image processing, 2X power electronic zoom, dynamic range enhancement (DRE), and customizable symbology overlay capabilities.  An RS-232 / 422 serial data transfer link provides full control of camera functions. The interface provides feedback of (BIT) built-in-test  status information.  The video output of the system is available in your choice of NTSC or PAL formats.
Spectral Response in the 3-5um waveband combined with the superior dynamic range and Ultra sensitive system found in the IS15™, allow for discrimination of minute Delta T (temperature differences).   The IS15™ uses a state of the art cryo- cooler with a proven 10,000 hour MTBF track record of extended use in industrial and military applications.
The IS15™ housing has a touch panel for the basic camera controls, an RS-232 data link for remote control operation and a 1/4-20 UNC-2B standard tripod threaded hole.  We would be pleased to assist you with your application development or with integration into your present project.  Please contact us and visit our website for more information.

BASIC insb camera SPECS

Specifications of the MWIR thermal camera

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